How We Work Together

Done right, Talk Radio exploits the most proven concept in marketing: free samples.

New Business Development is a numbers game.
Success is measurable.

The strategy I outline is a proven referral generator.
Your name takes-on a voice…you become a person, not just-another smiling face ad.
On-air Q+A positions you as an approachable, helpful expert.
Because your advice to callers’ situations is relatable to other listeners, you begin moving prospects through the sales funnel even before you meet them.

How should you use Talk Radio?
Probably not the way you may be thinking.
And not the way stations are likely to pitch you.

“Who has time to do a weekend radio show?
That’s when I need to be out there selling!”

Yes you do!
No-you-can’t afford to relinquish this opportunity to another agent.
Even before human cloning is perfected, I will show you how to be on radio, fielding callers’ questions, sounding like someone-sellers-can-trust, without being cooped-up in a radio studio during prime Open House time. Sorry to sound so cryptic, but this cool technique is part of “the secret sauce.”

Yet this too is simply a tactic…merely part of the larger strategy I will detail, your step-by-step instructions for implementing my strategy.

Here’s how I work with agents like you:

Step One: The Strategy, a document that will not disappoint.
And it’s confidential.
You may share it with associates within your firm (though you’ll be tempted not to).
This is step-by-step nuts-and-bolts stuff…including real insider tips for negotiating your radio deal, things-to-ask-for that the station won’t otherwise offer.
Click here to purchase the instant download, the smartest $299 you’ll invest this year. What-you-read could save you five-figures-EASY in earnest marketing mistakes.
Bonus: A one-year subscription to my monthly Talk Radio newsletter, a $99 value.
Here’s a sample issue.

Also, and upon your request, I offer one-on-one guidance:

  • I can review your existing marketing messages.
  • Conference call, one-on-one with me, to discuss how-best to implement in your particular situation. I’ll tell you two words that’ll make radio station Sales reps sit-up-straight.
  • If you’re already doing a show, I’ll review your on-air performance, and list tips for improving call count, Social Media engagement, and web traffic.
  • Not-yet on-air? Together, we’ll tailor a strategy.
  • Ongoing consultation, to get your name on more “Sold!” signs.

These services are optional, upon-your-request, and I’ll charge you what-my-attorney-charges-me, $300/hour. And — spending YOUR money like it’s MINE — I round to quarter hours…unlike my lawyer.

Even if you only choose to purchase The Strategy, you will have zero doubt why you invested.


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