About Your Consultant

“My goal is your name on the ‘Sold’ sign.”
I’m Holland Cooke.
And I am uniquely qualified to help you make that happen.

Holland CookeBut if I told you that I am Talk Radio’s preeminent consultant, I’d be violating The Manifesto:
“As an advertising message, the trappings of success can backfire.”
Boastful claims are the ultimate cliché, in your business and mine.
Want to find out if I know Talk Radio?
Simply ask-around. Make some calls. Or I can offer references.
And if you implement my strategy, you can tell your prospects the same thing, “ask around.” Although they won’t have to.

You can be thought of as the Real Estate expert in your area.
How-I-can-make-that-claim begins with my resume:
• 45-year broadcasting professional, extensive on-air experience…
• Managed the USA’s most respected News station; VP of USA Today new media unit..
• Now advising News/Talk stations and coaching radio talent nationwide…
• I’ve walked-the-walk! $1 million+ after-tax profit as part-time real estate investor…
• And I’ve connected-the-dots that matter to you…

I work behind-the-scenes at Talk Radio’s top two home-related shows.
RETMy client: Your National Association of Realtors. I advise their “Real Estate Today,” heard on 200+ stations in all 50 states.

MoneyPitAnd for 15 years, I’ve helped build The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show, now on 300+ stations. I wrote dang-near every word at the B-to-B web site we created to help stations make money with this show.

Even if you don’t implement my entire strategy — and I hope you will — these two shows can be extremely useful in building your reputation.

But, like any tactic, how you leverage opportunities such as these is the key.
That’s how I can help you move-the-needle.


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