How are super-achievers…different?

They understand the difference between advertising and marketing.
Do you?
“Advertising” asks the shopper to pick your product off a crowded shelf.
“Marketing” makes them want to.
Your listings are merely inventory.
YOU are the product.

successfulAdvertising is now a deafening torrent, a wall of messages. Choices blur. And most ad messages are seller-centric.
Effective marketing is consumer-centric. Lots of “you” & “your.”
Yet typical agent messages are inside-out, often boastful, sometimes off-putting.

Are you merely advertising your services?
Does your message evoke The Caricature?

You know who I mean.
Remember Annette Bening’s character in “American Beauty?”
She actually chanted.

successful“I WILL sell this house today…”
“I WILL sell this house today…”

Instead of “I” and “sell,” your message should be “you” and “tell.”

And it needs to leverage your messaging assets super-efficiently…especially your most precious asset, your time. Read how.

“American Beauty” publicity photo c1999 Dreamworks

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